Skate All Cities “CC” Collaboration Skateboard Deck by Cecilia Salama

Skate All Cities announces our latest board collaboration for 2017 with London born and New York based abstract artist Cecilia Salama.  Cecilia's "work deals with the isolation of contemporary society due to an ever increasing level of digital-based interactions. Constructed entirely of synthetic materials, the works function both as fully realized individual pieces and as a cohesive statement touching on a range of universal human experiences including fantasy, displaced desire, romance and delusion."

April 9th, 2017|Business|

Skate All Cities “Sorry For The Wait” Spring/Summer Collection 2017

It's been a long time coming, Skate All Cities finally releases their Spring/Summer Collection 2017 entitled "Sorry For The Wait" with 9 new graphic tees in various colorways.  All t-shirts are using the Alstyle brand and produced by Classy Screens based out of Brooklyn, New York.  These items are now available for purchase through our Online Shop as well as select Skate All Cities retailers throughout California and New York.

April 9th, 2017|Business|

“Tony Karr for Death Lens 2017” by Bunnies & Kitties

Your favorite skater's "favorite skater" Tony Karr, drops his latest videopart filmed entirely with an iPhone & Death Lens by Bunnies & Kitties.  That Switch Backside 50-50 doe!

August 18th, 2017|Friends, Skateboarding, Videos|

“S-VHS-CHALL-EST” by Kevin Martinez

Skilmer extraordinaire Kevin Martinez releases his latest VHS edit under the CHALLERS brand for your viewing pleasure with a wide cast of skateboarders skating in New York City including two full video parts from Kevin himself and Austin Holcomb.

June 26th, 2017|Friends, Skateboarding, Videos|

Skate All Cities – GoPro Vlog Series #069 / Fat Kid Spot

The boys took a dip to "Fat Kid Spot" aka Golconda Skatepark on a semi-sunny Saturday afternoon and kept it short and sweet.  Danny Dorsa, Derek Heydle, JP Skowronski & Kendall Rumph put it down for the set while loosening up those winter skate legs.

April 21st, 2017|GoPro Vlog Series, Skateboarding, Videos|

Skate All Cities – GoPro Vlog Series #068 / Spring Is Here

Spring has sprung.  Aliver Canaria, George Chen and RICKS start getting their skate legs back as the weather gets warmer. More video antics to come so stay tuned.

April 4th, 2017|GoPro Vlog Series, Skateboarding, Videos|

REST IN PARADISE – Quincy “ARCADE” Morris SAC (08/05/87 – 03/20/16)

Onward Upward - Filmed and Edited by Will Macfayden

March 31st, 2017|Skate All Cities Videos, Skateboarding, Videos|

Skate All Cities – GoPro Vlog Series #067 / Tis’ The Season

What does a skateboarder do during the Holiday season when everyone has the day off and there's no security lurking in the moat?  Go skate the city...DUH!  AZN Fuccbois Paul Han, RICKS and MVP Marc Pascua take advantage of the holiday season by skating through Gotham.

December 26th, 2016|GoPro Vlog Series, Skateboarding, Videos|

Skate All Cities – GoPro Vlog Series #066 / Winter Is Coming…

The boys snucks in a quick session in between Manhattan & Brooklyn this weekend before the first snowfall of the season.  Prepare yourselves because Winter is coming...

December 11th, 2016|GoPro Vlog Series, Skateboarding, Videos|

Skate All Cities – NYC Mixtape #1

To finish off 2016 we decided to compile all of the best footage from our GoPro Vlog Series into a video edit entitled, "Skate All Cities - NYC Mixtape #1".  Filmed throughout NYC and LA within a 2 year span, this 22 minute video features a long list of skateboarders (too many to name) as well as what you would expect skating throughout the rotten apple; including some hilarious B-Roll clips that will get you hyped...or not.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this and especially a huge shout-out to KMART for the edit.  RIP CHUEY & ARCADE.

December 10th, 2016|Skate All Cities Videos, Skateboarding, Videos|