This past week we were lucky enough to receive a couple of shirts from the heads over at The Loss Prevention.  For anyone who’s never heard of them before it’s a company by world famous graffiti writer SEVER MSK.  The site is basically an online portfolio of SEVER’s multiple talents.  He has a blog, portfolio of all the graffiti dating back from 1997 to the present, as well as an online shop where you can purchase some of his t-shirts.  The “TEXAS TEA” is probably one of my favorite tees of all time. (Besides any SAC tees of course.) It has a character of the Robitussin DM bottle rocking some Nike Air Max’s. Haha, so hard! For more updates and information on what SEVER’s been up to visit his site.

“LOOSEY” shirt

“LOOSEY” shirt (Up-Close)

Inside Label

“TEXAS TEA” shirt (My fave.)

“INVASION” shirt

Shot of the “TEXAS TEA” shirt with SEVER stickers.