IT’S OFFICIAL. The VIMBY video that we’ve been talking about for the past couple of months is finally up and running on VIMBY’s website HERE. under the “Graffiti” category, even though it could have easily been under the “Action Sports/Skate” category as well.  Maybe we’ll do another segment but strictly skateboarding this time around?  Hmmm…  Check out the interview with RICKS as well as some new skateboarding and graffiti footage of only some of the crew.  (The reason we said “some” was because not everyone in the crew could make it to go film during the limited timeframe that we had.  Roughly 8-12 days.)  The 4 minute, 50 second clip is currently live on VIMBY’s front page as you’re reading this, so go check it out!  On another note, when you view the video please RATE IT! It will only take about 2 seconds of your time.

Since there were no subtitles for the names of the skaters we decided to list them off for you.  The order of appearance goes as follows: Jeremy Cannon, Gabriel Martinez, Masaki Itoi, Damian Tramell, RICKS, Steve Cuellar and introducing Tony Karr.  (You’ll be learning more about our new recruit Tony in the near future.  The last trick at the end of the video was just a small taste of what’s to come.)

Once again, thanks to Pauline for setting this all up, Willie T for filming the graffiti portion of the segment and Dirty Erik for being patient with us filming all of our skateboarding clips.  Enjoy.

(SIDENOTE: Ummm, how many times did we say “Basically?” in the videoclip?  What the fuck.)