As we drove further up the 101 North we thought that it would be sick to make a pitstop in the middle of nowhere and just walk around the woods just to enjoy the scenery.  I don’t know what it is about this little area that we stopped by.  It could have been the huge green trees surrounding us or it could of been the clean/crispy air of the Pacific Northwest, but the silence and serenity throughout the atmosphere was/is an amazing sight and feel.  We inner city boys aren’t use to this type of stuff aka “nature”.  I know that it sounds gay and all but you come from LA and do some hiking of your own in these neck of the woods and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  No more crackheads running around your block, no need to watch your back while walking down the street, no ghettobirds flying overhead at 3am, no screaming and crying.  It’s just…peaceful.

Diego Loves Chonies

Andy was playing Bows & Arrows…

Shrooms Anyone?

WTF is this doing in the middle of the woods?



from on Vimeo.