Located in Ventura, California (VTA for short) is an abandoned warehouse in the middle of an industrial area where the local kids created a makeshift skatepark with materials that they found lying around.  I’m not sure what they call this spot but we called it the “Ventura Ghetto Park“.  Inside this abandoned warehouse you will find an assortment of ghetto-rigged/makeshift skateboarding obstacles to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Mike Abarta – Wallride


The floor to the spot is pretty smooth given the fact that the roof is torn down and there’s piles of shit everywhere.  As Mike would say, “Doesn’t it look like a hurricane went through here?”  (Haha, so true.)  In the hallway section of the building you will find two back to back curbs, one that’s double-sided and the other is a knee-high funbox.  Both with coping.

Jimmy Miller – Nollie Backside Lipslide

At the end of the main section of the warehouse there is a nice sized stair, drop off with a polejam in front of it.  Mike Abarta demonstrates how to arrive to the spot and land the “polejam over the stairs”, first try.  Maybe with a little one-foot added for style points.

Poley Jam

Jimmy Crooks

Ghetto Halfpipe

Like I said, you’ll find an assortment of all kinds of ghetto-rigged/makeshift shit here.  It’s pretty much a skatepark minus the super smooth ground and freshly built transitions that you usually find.  Everything here is ghetto-made and 100% Skate All Cities approved.  Creativity Is King.

Ghetto Launcher

Adriano Caldas – Rollercoaster Grind?

RICKS – Frontside Boardslide

Quit Frontin’

You know that we had to catch a couple of throw-ups with the scrap red & whites that we had lying on our trunk.  Red Fill w/ White Outline and vice versa.

Red Fill w/ White Outline

Vice Versa

Spray All Cities

VTA = Ventura


Photographer Dave Mount

Mike Abarta – Frontside Noseslide

Ojai Skatepark

Jimmy, “Can I go for a ride too?”


Frontside Rock n’ Roll

Shortly afterwards the homey Adam Bertolet and friend Dan Roberts stopped by to get down with the session off the stage.  Check out what they did in the VIMEO clip down below.  Dan got robbed several times on his Hardflip but landed it afterwards; when I wasn’t filming!

Ventura Ghetto Park – Ventura, CA
from SkateAllCities.com on Vimeo.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

Adam Bertolet – Halfcab Kickflip