Alright, so a couple of months ago Steve Berra & Eric Koston over at The Berrics held an online contest called the “YOUNited Nations“. The contest was derived from it’s original concept/idea on their website called “United Nations” – which is a monthly skateboarding montage of brands/companies that visit and film in Steve & Eric’s most sought after (and exclusive) skatepark aka “The Berrics”. The “YOUNited Nations” was an offspring contest from that and is/was intended for skateboarding crews from around the world to shine & flex their skateboarding skills with the winner(s) to receive an all expenses paid trip for 10 crew members to come visit The Berrics in California in order to film a montage of their own.  Confused yet?

Well just last week, after Steve Berra and his team went through roughly about (I’m guessing) 2,500+, 4 minute long, video submissions; the contest ended. Unfortunately for us we didn’t make it into the Top 17 crews that were listed on their website, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show you the video for the rest of the world to see.

This video was compiled and edited (with only a small portion of our crew members) by our very own Jeremy Cannon, so props to him for coming through with that like a champ.  Also a big thanks to my SAC Portland Division holding it down out there for following through with sending over footage the day before the video submission deadline.

Good luck to all of the other crews that did happen to make it to the Top 17. Can’t wait to see what you guys got. You win some, You lose some. Keep it movin and enjoy…