I hardly ever write about non Skate All Cities related items since I try to come up with nothing but original photos and/or content for this blog, but there are certain exceptions to the rule.  For instance, since I’m currently on the “Injured List” and won’t be doing any kind of skateboarding and/or graffiti activities any time soon, you’re gonna have to listen to me ramble on about random shit from the funniest YouTube videos that I’ve watched as well as all the girl blogs out there that I check out on a daily…well almost daily.  For example.

Anna down below is the homegirl from Santa Barbara that recently moved up to The Bay just a couple of years ago.  She has an amazing eye for photography and recently launched her Tumblr blog.  Peep game when you get a chance.  You’ll probably see some familiar faces from the infamous rap group “Living Legends” on there.  Need I say more?

Anna Maria Rohzko

Caterina is the homegirl from Santa Barbara as well.  She currently works for Powell and has her own fashion/skate/music/lifestyle blog that she runs entitled “MISCHIEF”.  If she’s not out eating Vietnamese Noodles during her spare time, she’s either busy trying to improve the design on skating and/or drawing.  Sorry fellas, she’s already taken.  Wamp Wamp…

Caterina Caligiuri @ MISCHIEF

I was brought up to this girl’s artwork through our network of friends aka The Seventh Letter.  Never met the girl before in real life, but her friends are within my circle of friends so occasionally I would see some of her artwork pop up here and there under the Known Gallery blog.  I think she recently had an interview on JUXTAPOZ magazine as well?  Girl’s got skills.

Amanda Lynn

I don’t even know how I came upon reading this girl’s blog.  Maybe because she fits the skinny, pale, white girl look that had me intrigued from the start?  Actually, nevermind I remember now.  It was from an Alex Olson interview that she had through her VIMEO channel.  (Any girl who’s down for skateboarders gets the Skate All Cities “Seal of Approval” in our book.)  Like any typical internet lurker would, I began reading her blog entries.  Let me say that she’s got a very funny sense of humor in her writing as well as outlook on life.  I always enjoy reading “The Blind Leading The Blind” articles that she writes every so often about love and life from a girl’s perspective.  Quite Entertaining.

Alexi Wasser @ IMBOYCRAZY

I originally met ECHO in Barcelona, Spain when we were all attending the Bread & Butter tradeshow back in 2007 with The Seventh Letter heads.  A couple years later she was nice enough to link up with us out in NYC in 2009 to show us around town.  I’ll be honest with yah, before I met the girl I’ve always thought that ECHO was a dude!  (That’s a compliment by the way.)  There are very few girls that can come off as fresh as she does in the graffiti world and she is one of them.  Highly underrated.


If you haven’t heard about UTAH and ETHER on the news within the past year or so, then you’re either sleeping under a rock or just plain retarded.  (Here’s the link for all of your graffiti illiterate people.)  In my opinion, UTAH pretty much is taking the female crown in the graffiti world as “The Bombing Queen” (Even though Miss 17 can give her a run for her money) because throughout my travels around the globe within the past couple of years (i.e. Rome, Paris, etc.), I’ve seen her up almost everywhere.  Quite an amazing accomplishment since you know that I personally get around myself.  UTAH just recently did a 1 year bid for graf after getting caught up from a sting operation at the airport and was released not too long ago.  She currently has an interview over HERE (after her incarceration) and started her own blog.


Ask Yasi” is a side project of The Hundreds where Yasi (Not even sure if that’s her real name) responds to questions in emails from The Hundreds fans from a girl’s perspective.  Her witty, funny, and clever responses will keep you entertained for hours.  I also read somewhere that she attended UCSB for a good minute?  Have we done drugs together before out in Isla Vista?  Coolest thing about the whole blog besides her writing?  She never shows her face.  ANONYMITY IS KEY.

Ask Yasi

If you watch the show “Attack Of the Show” under the G4 Network then you’ve seen this girl all over television.  The talkshow host/blogger/hotty/model has a very down to earth attitude and portrayal on television that has every guy falling to their knees.  It also doesn’t hurt that she’s a “halfie” (Half Chinese/Half German-Irish), and you know how we love them mixed breeds!

Olivia Munn

Pauline is the homegirl that hooked up our Skate All Cities x VIMBY segment.  If you want to read up on fashion, art, music and culture, then her blog “The Lipstick Diaries” is the ticket to your admission. Yay or Nay?

Pauline Boenisch @ The Lipstick Diaries

Taken and backed by a bloodline of killers, Rachel nicknamed “Cucci Cuccia” over at Rozes Are Red, is your one-stop shop for all of the latest, grimiest, and rawest photos of the savage Los Angeles partying lifestyle.  Enter at your own risk…

Rachel @ Rozes Are Red