There’s a new skatepark in town and it’s called “Stoner Park”.  Stoner Park is located out in the Westside of Los Angeles in the Santa Monica area in between Nebraska & Stoner Avenue’s.  If you enjoy skating street shit like ledges, ledges and more ledges then this spot is probably the jam for you.

Stoner Park
1835 Stoner Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Newest DIABOLICAL pro Mike Abarta was already sessioning the spot before we got there.  Look out for an interview with him in the near future.

Dr. Oct shows you how to stunt.

Beto has hops.

Gabe shows you how to balance in and out of life.

GIRL Skateboard professional Alex Olson was also able to make it to the party.

Besides the abundance of skaters distracting you by getting in the way there’s also the occasional “Bro” sitting on the sidelines that can shake you off course as well.  Point being.

Bro, “So you just balance yourself on these metal things and grind?  Cool bra.”

Bro’s Girlfriend was also in attendance.

Damian can ollie really high.  I mean REALLY HIGH.

Randy can tweak it backside anyday.  NO HOMO.

Certified for life…