Upcoming Skate All Cities interviewee and DIABOLICAL rider Mike Abarta had recently turned the Big 23 yesterday so the crew linked up with him to get a birthday session going.  On one of our many spots that we hit that day was at a place in Corona called Harada Skatepark.  If you ever tend to get lost out there in suburbia trying to find this place (which I’m sure you will) then have no fear, just follow the cowshit smell and you’ll find your way. No seriously, you can’t miss it or is it, “You can’t smell it?”  I was told by the locals that it reaks even worse during the summertime so be warned.

Harada Skatepark
13100 68th St
Corona, CA 92880

Steve Cuellar x Mike Abarta

The best part of the skatepark is probably the snakerun.  The smaller, wannabe, pool located from the photo below has horrible coping and the street course obstacles surrounding the whole park are pretty retarded, but I guess you gotta have it.

Dr. Oct – Blunt to 180 Out