Skate All Cities had the chance to stop by the Olek & Parra opening at the Jonathan Levine Gallery this past week and here are some of the photos that we were able to take.  With an extremely outdated iTouch might I add.

Right as we entered the door we were greeted by these people.

As with every gallery opening at the Jonathan Levine Gallery, it was packed…like sardines.

One of the most entertaining elements of the show was this half-naked mermaid swinging in the center of the room.

We love boobies just as much as the next dude so here’s a closer look with our poor camera equipment.

Mermaids with dresses made out of yarn are real.

This was the only photo that we were able to take of Parra’s work, which doesn’t do it justice, so it is highly advised that you go see the show for yourself and see what the chatter’s all about.

On the way out I saw this sticker that reminded me of somebody I met in Barcelona over the Summer.  The world is truly a small place I tell you.  Looks like we just missed each other Ripo!