Skate All Cities had the chance to skate an amazing DIY Spot recently out in the East Coast somewhere in an abandoned warehouse this past weekend.  After a couple of wrong turns on the confusing freeways, with several bad directions, we actually stumbled upon this spot – first try.  Destiny maybe?  Who knows.

**Just FYI, we are keeping the location to this place top secret out of respect to the people who built it, so don’t even bother asking for directions.**

Joshua Beaudry (@depechebeaud) finally eases in a Frontside Tailslide after a couple of good warm-up slams.

Then he handled this beefy wallride.

Andy Kormos (@akmos) got it in with a nice 50-50 stall on a cold and crispy snowy day.

Does this guy even skate?

Young Horchata is slowly getting into the swing of things.

This ACET piece is fire.

The light at the end of the tunnel.

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