There’s a funny story behind this day of painting.  While we were fixing up this wall (with permission) on a sunny weekend out here in New York, a random hero decided to stop his vehicle in the middle of the street and ask us, “Not to come off at you the wrong way, but don’t you think this is downright blight?!”  So we had a fun and leisure talk with the hero discussing why we spraypaint, but he wasn’t hearing it; talking about how selfish we were as people and how painting graffiti in his neighborhood caused the property value to decrease.  After holding up traffic causing a commotion throughout the whole neighborhood exchanging words, some of the neighbors actually came out and had our backs telling us to proceed and to keep doing what we were doing while shunning off Mr. Hero.  After being insulted with comments like a “Wannabe Banksy” as well as a “Wannabe Gangster” and trying to maintain a grownup conversation, I think we came off on top.  Smile All Cities bruh!




Yo MOST, you can thank us later for fixing your piece with some of our leftover Red.

MOST Jukebox Cowboys

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