Project Description

Photography by Dr. Daks (@snortthis)

State your name and what crews are you currently repping?
BEGR WGE, D30, TWB, NSF, FTMD, WMD, RTM, THR, BTUF, BMB & WAI. I rep for alot of crews.

What was your first memories of getting into writing?
The first real graffiti that I saw was the letters UFO from TMF.  He had a few spots near my house.  I always looked at it and thought to myself, “What is this?”  I also noticed gang graffiti at that time, but those UFO spots filled in with white and a big black fat cap outline really caught my attention.

There’s always a story behind a writer choosing his name.  How did you end up with yours?
When I first started I wrote so many names but wanted to write something that was not taken.  I was writing Eger, but there was an Oakland writer that wrote Eager TMP, HS so I knew that I was going to have to change it.  At that time one of my friends wrote Beam and I loved the way the B-E connected while doing flow tags, so I came up with the word Beger, then later changed it to Begr to shorten it up.

Did you ever dabble with other names before writing BEGR?
Yeah I wrote alot of names when I was a kid, but I’ve held down the name Begr since 1993.  I know that there are a few other Begr’s out there and I’m not pressing them at all.  I’ve been around 20+ years and only had 1-2 slow years.  I’m comfortable with who I am and will continue to contribute to the culture of writing.

Photography by Dr. Daks (@snortthis)

Who did you look up to as a youngin in the game?  Anyone in particular or has it been a learn-as-you-go process?
The first person to take me out and show me how to get up in a big city was I.O.U from San Francisco.  He was all-city with tags at the time and allowed me to walk the routes with him (DAVER – Wuzz up man), but fresh out I looked up to the TDK crew from Oakland.  The first time a couple of friends and I walked into the 23rd street yard, I remember looking at MEUT, TENSE, WRATH, DREAM (RIP), VOUGE, GYRO, POEM, KRASH, PHRESH, NEON, GIGS, BUM, WIM and the letter styles that they came up with had me on overdrive.  I’ve seen other stuff before, but more hand styles and throw-ups.  That was the first time seeing stuff that was well above average.  Walking through there and seeing the Merry X-Mas production that Vouge (and I believe Poem) did really stood out.  Also Vouge doing the fire extinguisher was epic.  Looking at walls by MIKE DREAM were also very important to me growing up.  It was a blessing to finally meet him and the TDK crew paint the “Tax Dollars Killed” wall at the secret yard years later.  I was fortunate at a young age to make connections and had alot of inspiration from guys like KING 157 who always told me, “No matter what, just make sure you make it a classic.”  Up until recently I finally understood alot of the schooling he would give me.  JASE BA was and still is a huge inspiration and showed me how to really get up on freights.  I guess you can say that I’ve had a strong background of schooling: KING157 who loved doing classic end 2 ends, JASE who would literally spray every car at every lay-up (both sides) even if there was panel already on the car, and IOU who showed me how to get up in a major city.  Til this day I’m proud to take advice, look up, paint and learn from guys like JURNE, ENRON, DAKS, RICH, GESO, DZEE, APECS, COLT45, PEAR, MINE, ESTE, RESQ and KEYS – all for different aspects of this thing we call writing.

I’ve been seeing alot of your throwies circulating around on Flickr in Detroit and around the USA lately.  What’s up with that?  Are you on a permanent spraycation or something?
I moved off of the West Coast.  I make my rounds up and down the western sea board still, but I’m currently living and focusing my energy in other regions of this country.  I don’t like to say the word “Spraycation” or “I’m going to go there to paint.” – it’s more of a culture/way of life/religion.  With that said you wouldn’t have to tell a religious man to pray right?

Photography by Dr. Daks (@snortthis)

Like many writers that get up, you seem to be a well-traveled individual. Where would you like to go paint next?
My plan is to lurk around the East Coast for a few years, then shake the United States for some years.  I take pride in practicing living as a ghost so I won’t say what country I’ll be calling my next home, but due to the internet (if you’re looking) you’ll eventually find out.

I’ve seen alot of BEGR/RICH slaptags with a Blue Background and White Text around.  In my opinion, that has kind have been your “signature slaptag”.  How did you go about making those and the real question is, “How many of those do you have?!”
The Begr/Rich stickers started with my good friend RICH.  He printed the first batch in 2009 of about 7,500.  Since then we are now able to run thru 25,000 with no problems.  I chose the color Blue and White because I wanted to stick out from everybody else.  Everyone has the Black/White combo, but our Blue/White ones are perfect.  Alot of people frown on stickers/labels, I’ll admit that I was one of them until I realized how much fun I had leaving this paper trail throughout the world.

Photography by Dr. Daks (@snortthis)

You’ve been painting with PEAR alot lately.  How did you end up linking with him?
PEAR’s my dawg.  I got a call saying a new crew member from back East is moving to your city, you should spray and chill with him.  My first reaction was, “Yeah sure, I’m not taxi-cabbing no one around.  I’m busy.”, but I watched him do his thing first and saw the way he put his arms around the town and then made a call.  Since then (in a short amount of time) I’ve sprayed countless spots with him and by no means are either of us going to stop.  We both travel alot and will hold each others spots down.  In my years of seeing people come and go I have never seen another human spray as much as him – “You diss a pear. You will disappear.”

I’ve seen you flip your letters throughout the years with newer and newer styles each year.  Do you sketch often or did that come naturally?
Thanks for noticing.  I sketch when I have the free time.  I’m always down to change the letters up and try new things.  Running the same outline over and over is boring to me.  When the end hits and I can’t get over any more I want to be able to look back and see all the different styles I’ve done.

WGE is a crew that you rep and once I found out the meaning (Worst Guys Ever), I thought that was the illest and funniest acronym ever. Who’s in the crew and how did you get in?
WORST GUYS EVER was started by the very talented OIL from Florida a little while back before he past…Rest In Peace.  I am not an original member of the crew, but I was put down by my brother CHUB.  The brotherhood consists of DZEE, CHUB, SODUH, CQ, RETS, FUER, EPIK, LUE-PAPA, HAMY, DAKS, VILE8, VOMET, BASH, RY 1, JASE, PEAR, RESQ, WYSE and PAID.  W.G.E. to me is my family crew, everyone in the fam-bam is ready and willing . Which means we won’t be raising a white flag anytime soon.  We are not claiming to be a unstoppable force, but we WON’T GO EASY.

Photography by Dr. Daks (@snortthis)

Since this is a skateboarding and graffiti website I always ask my interviewees this question.  Have you ever skateboarded before?  If so, what was your first setup?
Yeah I grew up skating  and I still skate here and there, but not as hard as I should.  First set up I had was a Sims Kevin Stabb with Tracker trucks and I believe Slime Ball wheels that I jacked from my brother’s Ron Allen deck.

Do you think Skateboarding & Graffiti go together?
Yeah graffiti and skating go hand and hand.  I think that it’s because both cultures involve having young people that play a part in the punk culture.

So what’s up with this MDK beef that I’ve been seeing on your Twitter account? Weren’t you in MDK at one time? Care to share?
Beef?  I’ve had my fair share of beef through the years of writing.  Alot of it is due to jealous toys mad at the fact that they are toys.  Some try to diss me on the street, but always fail.  Most of them just dance around the internet talking shit or meet people and start to run their mouths.  All of this is fine by me, but I really don’t care.  At the end of the day I’m going to do what I do wherever I am.  I’m out here spraying, chilling and partying.  If you’re real about your words then STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND SEND ME TO MY MAKER.  Until then I’ll be spraying and making it rain paying no mind to any of the bullshit.

Photography by Dr. Daks (@snortthis)

I noticed that you also have alot of tattoos (No Homo).   Any favorite tattoo artists that you want to get zapped by next?
Haha, you noticed?  Ugh yeah 80% of my body is tattooed and all of it were done by the homies.  My dude Jessico has gotten alot of my favorite work done on me.  Toby 2 Thumbs from San Jose has done some fresh work.  BIG5 and MIKE GIANT have also blessed me with some good work as well.

Since we’re on the topic of tattoos, what’s your take on all these writers turning into tattoo artists over the last couple of years? Yah or Nah?
I’m all for it as long as they understand the culture that is behind tattooing.  If you’re just a lame trying to make a dollar off tattoos then you’re not going to last mboi.  Get with some heads first and put in some work, learn something about the old heads who laid the ground work for you to be a part of that lifestyle.

I recently ran into you out in Miami for Art Basel 2012.  What was that experience like?
Yeah buddy, this year’s Art Basel was epic. I only stuck around for 2 days, but the run down go’s a lil something like this.  At least from what I remember.  Spray, Acid, Cuban Food, Gold Rush, Drinks, 2CI, Corner Bar, Jase locking himself in a rental car, Guns in a Versace silk, Daks dosing himself and not knowing, Aloy screaming FTL, Resq getting trippy, Day Dancing in the street, The Russians roaming around in car shoes, Kaput sleeping in a park, Hennessey with Miss Reds, Snoe Man, Jos, Crashing out at DZEE’s for a few hours, Stickers with Bunz, Apecs lurking 3 shorty’s, Bumping into you and Sunny who grew to be a stunning lady, Snow Monkey wild in the streets, Gold Rush Part 2 at 7am.  It was a wild 48 hours.  Leaving some chain of events out for sure.  I don’t know how I made it out, but I did!  Hahaha.

Besides graffiti what else do you enjoy doing during your spare time?
Other than graffiti I live a normal life.  Ya rite!  I live like a writer lives.  You ask yourself, “What’s that?” then you probably just do graffiti – and there is nothing wrong with that.  A writer will do what he or she has to do to overachieve and live life with no rules.  To me a writer lives like a king – eats, drinks, does whatever they choose and no matter how high their paycheck is looking, they are still down to collect more and never think they are too cool to walk away from the writing lifestyle.  So when I’m not pressing the cap or doing what I do to get over, you can find me cruising in a civilian car with the windows down, AC turnt all the way up riding 2 mph, at the sneaker spots.  I’m real big on sneakers, not one of those Hypebeast sissy boys of today, but an old head who walks the block in un-retroed kicks.  I don’t hate, but i shed a lil frown on kids who line up to get sneakers they have no knowledge of the timeline on when they dropped.  I’m from one of the oldest rack crews from the bay area 484 FEATURES so at a young age we would do left/rights, knock the stock room, hit returns do what ever we had to do to get what we got.  Tattoo shop chilling – there are several shops I’m down with and they all consider me family when I walk in the door.  Shooting range – working on my aim, I really enjoy shooting guns and take pride in my aim.  I guess that it’s the American in me.

Photography by Dr. Daks (@snortthis)

What should we expect to see from you in 2013?
2013, I’m going to try and turn it up a notch breaking out some old sketches I didn’t get around to doing.  Trying to work alot with designer paint and caps.  There’s nothing wrong with my old system using Kilz & Rustoz, but for some of these full scale walls I have in play I want to see what I can pull off with other sprays.  The East Coast will be seeing alot more of me than usual.  Making a point to get back to painting freights.  I’ve been missing them for awhile, but it’s time to murder the lines J.E. style.  There is so much trash on the lines these days my goal is to open up those panels.  More tags, throw-ups, stickers, graffiti, graffiti and graffiti.  I only have a few years left in this country.  I’m trying to push myself and treat each day like I’m just getting started.  No art shows or trendy graffiti meet-ups unless mboi’z are involved or its a writer who paid his dues.  Basically just keep it light, keep doing my thing, not tripping if you hate it or love it or if you love to hate it – just doing my thing.  The goal is to get the graffiti culture to know my name.  All haters and suckers can stay on the sidelines.

This is where you give your shout-outs.
Shout out to SKATES ALL CITIES, you guys do a great job on covering both skate and the graffiti cultures.  To all my crew members spread across this planet, “Wuzz happining mboizz!”  My family – Mom Diggy Dezzy, thank you for sticking it out with me.  Trust me I know that I am 2 hand fulls, but I love you.  Montana MTN colors, thank you for the support. Without real companies like you the graffiti culture would be at a loss for alot of the heads who know about this thing we call ours.  Cult Of Beauty at Clout Graffiti Magazine – 10 plus years and still striving.  FREDO over at THOROUGH CLD for keeping me dipped and believing in my journey.  DRE over at PNCLA THE PRO’S & CONS, HEEM-DAWG, RUSTY, BILLY OCEAN, YEAST, PISTOLA, PEAK-RUGA, CRACK PAPI, THA GRINCH , THROW THAT UP THE BACK WE STILL HERE . R.I.P. MIKE DREAM TDK , ROB 1 CBS, PHRY ,NEKST, KERSE, EROE AL, OILS, TIE, AND GEB 1 who I will always remember and miss.  To my Mickey Mouse Hate Club, “Face it – graffiti will know and remember my name.