Stoner Park Update

The neighbors are pissed and complaining. This has led to some coming changes. Hours are now 10am-7pm daily, and once daylight savings starts, it’ll be 10am-5pm. On the weekdays, there’s a park employee that will come and give everyone the boot, sometimes on Saturday as well. Sundays there is less chance of the warning, but cops have been making their rounds. Most of these changes are due to people skating after dark, specifically during sleeping hours i.e. midnight to 3am, and they’re going to eventually put up a higher fence to deter after hours skating. There’s a lot of attempted neighborhood heroes that wish to keep the park kid-friendly as well, so try not to give them any reason to complain. Smoke your cigarettes and bud outside of the park, stop vibing, and pick up your trash *gasp*. En serio, talks are being made of making pads required. Just be respectful. In other news, James Reynolds witnesses that rollerbladers have begun utilizing the facilities.

Photo courtesy of Circa Footwear

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